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Capture your performance utilizing our wide selection of in-house gear including a 24-track vintage console, external pre-amps, compressors, guitars, synthesizers, amplifiers and more!

Whether you recorded the original audio with us, have stems from another studio, or self recorded at home, we will give your tracks the professional touch, utilizing a hybrid analog/digital workflow and unlimited mix revisions.

Take the guess work out of finalizing your tracks for release. We will bring your music up to a commercial standard utilizing state of the art software, analog dynamic control, and corrective EQ.  



Hourly -

$50 per hour. Includes engineer and access to complete gear collection. *Bulk discount available for sessions exceeding four hours*

Mixing -

$150 per track. Includes unlimited mix revisions. *Bulk discount available for projects exceeding three tracks*

Mastering -

$60 per track. Includes unlimited master revisions. *Bulk discount available for projects exceeding three tracks*


*Per-track pricing available and based upon session requirements*



Custom Built 16 Channel Console (vintage)

Focusrite 18i20 I/O (2)

Golden Age Project Pre 73 (2)

Golden Age Project Comp 54 (2)

DBX 160A Compressor (2)

Klark Technik KT-2A Compressor

UREI 543 Room EQ's (Vintage) (2)

Roland DEP3 Reverb (vintage)

Rogers 125 FT Tape Machine (vintage)

ART Pro VLA II (2)

ART Pro MPA II (2)

ART 48 Point patch bay (3)

ART PB 4x4 Pro (2)

M Audio Project Mix Control Surface

Monicon monitor attenuator 

Focal Alpha 50 (pair) 

Warm Audio WA47

Warm Audio WA87

Cascade Fathead - lundahl upgrade (Pair)

AKG D190B (vintage)


Senheiser E609 (2)

Shure SM57 (2)

Shure SM58 (3)

Silvertone Bullet (vintage)


Apex 210 Large Format Ribbon

Sub Kick (homemade)


Cubase Pro 9.5

Scarlet Mix Control

Celemony Melodyne

Steinberg Pro Plug-in Pack

Soundtoys Total Plug-In Pack

Softtube Time & Tone plugin pack

Groove Agent SE HALion Sonic SE

Steinberg loopMash

Steinberg Padshop

Steinberg Prologue

Steinberg Retrologue

Steinberg Spector

Steinberg model-E

Steinberg VB-1

Novation Bass Station SE


Korg MS-20

Arp Oddessy (reissue)

Roland SH-201

Roland SPX

Kawai SX-210 (vintage)

Wurlitzer 216A Electric Piano (vintage)

Wurlitzer Upright Piano (vintage)

Yamaha YC45D Organ


Vox AC30 HW

Egnater Tweaker 15H

Haromy H364 (vintage)

Univox Stage 65 (Vintage)

Carlsbro Sherwood Classic 30

Fender Rumble 100 head

Fender FM head (modified)

Pepco 209 2x12 (vintage)

Kustom Tuck N Roll 2x15 (vintage)

Yorkville Bassmaster 4x8 (vintage)

Yorkville DarkHorse 1X12 Cab


Supro Belmount

Harmony Rocket H56

Fender Jazzmaster Classic Player

Fender telecaster (vintage)

Harmony Strata-tone H46 (vintage)

Fender P-Bass 50’s Reissue

Art and Lutherie Roadhouse

Crafter Moon Phase 



Dunlop Fuzzface

MXR Micro Amp

MXR Dyna Comp

Boss Fender Bassman

Boss Fender Reverb

Boss NS1

Boss DD3

Electro Harmonix POG2

TruTone Tape Delay

Ludwig Acrolite 14'X6 Snare (Vinatge)

Ludwig 4-piece Vistalite Kit - Clear (Vintage)

14' Snare

14' Rack Tom

16' Floor Tom

22' Kick 

Baxter 4-piece Kit - Red Sparkle (vintage)

14' Snare

12' Rack Tom

14' Floor Tom

20' Kick


lP Stage Tamborine

lp Egg Shaker

Groove Agent Cow Bell







629 1st Ave North, S7K 1X7

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Tel: 1(306) 262-1489